Rules - Quick Start


The Cthulhu Mythos goes widely unknown to the populace at large. Those things that go bump in the night, are just the house settling, there are no monsters hiding in closets. You will be playing the role of “investigators” who have had the curtain peeled back and have had a hint of the true nature of things.

Most “Investigators” start out as normal people oblivious to the true horrific nature of the cosmos. As such they have normal lives and occupations

Primary Attributes

Cthulhu characters have seven primary attributes which describe the characters physical, mental and “spirtual” capabilities and limitations.

  • Strength (STR)
    The raw physical power an investigator can bring to bear. It influences the amount of damage he can deliver with a punch or kick, as well as his grip, or ability to lift heavy items.
  • Constitution (CON)
    An investigators hardiness. It influences the amount of damage he can take before going unconscious or dying as well as how resistant he is to diseases and poison.
  • Dexterity (DEX)
    How agile and quick an investigator is.
  • Size (SIZ)
    An investigator’s physical mass (this is a composite of height, girth and weight). It influences how much damage he can take, as well as how much he can deliver. Also, as
    a measure of an Investigator’s weight, it influences the ability of horrible monsters to pick him
    up and toss him around the room.
  • Intelligence (INT)
    A rough guide to an investigator’s cunning and ability to make leaps of logic and intuition.
  • Power (POW)
    A combination of personal magnetism, spirit, and mental
    stability. It influences an investigators’s ability to cast magical spells, as well as her resistance to the sanity-blasting horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos.
  • Appearance (APP)
    The charm and physical appeal of an investigator.
  • Education (EDU)
    The knowledge which an investigator has accumulated through formal education, or the venerated “School of Hard Knocks.”

Secondary Attributes

There are seven secondary attributes which are determined by your primary attributes.

  • Idea
    An investigators “intuition”. It influences how well an investigator is able to make leaps of deduction in the game. Your INT attribute x5.
  • Knowledge
    The odds that in investigator knows some trivial fact or has insight on a random subject. Your EDU x5.
  • Luck
    When an investigator is in a crisis, Luck might be his last chance to avert catastrophe. Your POW x5.
  • Damage Bonus
    How much extra damage an investigator does with a successful close-combat attack. Your STR + SIZ cross-referenced on on the Damage Bonus Table
  • Magic Points (MP)
    Magic Points power spells and activate arcane alien devices. If an investigator’s MPs ever
    fall below 0, he goes unconscious until he can recover them. Maximum MP’s are equal to your POW.
  • Sanity (SAN)
    The ability of an investigator to remain stoic in the face
    of horrors. Begins at your at your POW x5 and can go up or down during play. It can never raise above 99 – your Cthulhu Mythos skill (q.v.).

Clear Credit

This information is an edited subset of that found in “Quick Start Cthulhu” published by Chaosium, put here to get the players in my game up to speed before our first session.

Rules - Quick Start

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