Clippings - Outsider - 04-26-1919 - Spectral Fog


Readers of the Outsider are no strangers to the dangers in the fog, but the spectral fog that cloaked the bay last night ended in tragedy of a rare scope.

The spectral fog flowed into the bay at midnight as recorded by Sgt. Garland Fitzsimmons of the Army’s 2nd Photographers’ Corps.

Sgt. Garland further noticed further evidence of the spectral nature of the fog “a curiously thick fog moved into the Gate like it was borne on a high wind, only there wasn’t any wind at all to speak of and at the vanguard was an ancient looking Chinese junk that moved at an inhuman speed seemingly pulling the fog along in its wake.”

Can it be any coincidence that the tragic loss of the “Stanford Queen” occurred with in site of the ghostly junk.

Reliable sources tell us that socialite and occult dabbler Sarah Westchester was present and witnessed the Ghostship within a life rings toss of the “Stanford Queen” and apparently a group of inquisitive revilers rowed over to check out the Ghostship shortly before monstrous tentacles from the deep pulled the “Stanford Queen” under.

It boggles this reports mind how the “reputable press” doesn’t even raise the possibilities of a connection or report on events that make them uneasy.

- Peter Gross – The Outsider 04/26/1919

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Clippings - Outsider - 04-26-1919 - Spectral Fog

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