Clippings - Examiner - 04-26-1919 - Stanford Queen Wreck


The maiden voyage of ocean going luxury casino ship “Stanford Queen” was cut short by a horrific accident Friday night.

A fault in the electrical system early into the maiden voyage brought the magnificent ship to standstill. Sources tell me that the while the crew was working diligently to bring the engines and electrical systems online a fire broke out in the engine room which quickly consumed the entire ship.

A veritable who’s who of San Francisco was attending the gala event and had to be evacuated to the numerous lifeboats, while coast guard cutters were dispatched.

The fire claimed 17 guests. All of the crew was accounted for.

A spokesperson for Ocean Pacific Entertainment released this statement.

“Ocean Pacific Entertainment wishes to express our deepest sympathies and great remorse at the tragic loss of life that occurred last night on what was to be the flagship of our newest enterprise. We further wish to assure the public that our ships are maintained to the highest safety standards and an investigation will follow into what we can only classify as a freak accident.”

- Walter StrassburgSan Francisco Examiner 04/26/1919

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Clippings - Examiner - 04-26-1919 - Stanford Queen Wreck

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