Fog Over San Francisco

The Stanford Queen
A night of revelry, gambling and terror on the bay

April, 25th 1919
Investigators: Eugene Vidoca, Evan Turlington, Jacob Porter, Johan Jakobson, and Yoska “Joe” Tokar

Luxury casino ship “The Stanford Queen” made her inaugural voyage with much fanfare. Booze, fine dining, a wide assortment of entertainers and gambling promised to make for an entertaining night.

Meeting for the first time our investigators were seated at the same table in the dining hall with a thin, nervy sort of chap, with a narrow face and eyes that appeared positively shifty. With an enthusiastic handshake he made his way around the table pumping each investigators hand and introducing himself as Howard Horne, Agent Extraordinaire. Sitting down and lighting a cheap cigarette which reeked of stale tobaco, Horne continued to tell the Investigators that his newest find was going to perform this very night.

I lively conversation began where each of the investigators introduced themselves and made general chit chat, until [[:yoska-joe-tokar | Joe] stood up and announced lady luck was call his name and he wasn’t going to keep her waiting. As Joe made his way to the crap tables the others with out much discussion decided to join.

After a slight hot streak and a few failed attempts to teach his new found friends how to shoot craps a tall lithe woman approached and picked up the dice. The investigators took turns trying to chat up the beauty that didn’t bat an eye at the amounts she was loosing nor at any of the investigators deeming them all to common in some way. They did manage to learn her name Sarah Westchester.

As the night progressed the investigators drifted apart and mingled, enjoying the night and the “bought” liquor that flowed non-stop despite prohibition being in full swing.

The plastic surgeon, while getting a drink at the bar noticed that ship seemed to have stopped and hum of the engines and other below deck machinery was conspicuously absent.



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